“Girls know nothing about sports.”

Girls know nothing about sports? That is not the case at all!

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved sports. I loved playing them and going to games with my family. I would watch sports games or play sports video games. My brother has taught me a lot and sparked my love for sports. When my brother’s friends would come over, they would ask me to name players from any team and I was able to tell them. They would say, “How does she know that?” Ever since I was younger, I have always dreamed of working for a professional sports organization. What I did not realize at that time, when I first fell in love with sports, is how few women work in the athletics field.

The summer of my sophomore year in high school, I completed a two-week pre-college program for sports communication. I was one of the youngest in the program. We learned about broadcasting, marketing, public relations and sports writing. It really gave me the opportunity to see what I could do in the future. There were a total of 25 people in the program from across the United States. However, there were only three girls in the program.

During the program, we worked together in groups to produce a radio show, worked behind-the-scenes of a live broadcast, and learned about sideline reporting. We also went on a trip to New York City where we went to the MLB and NFL headquarters and met with the director and Specialist of Business Communications at the MLB headquarters. We also went to Madison Square Garden to go on a tour and meet with a representative from the public relations department. After meeting with the representatives from public relations, it really opened up possible careers for my future. I never thought about pursuing a public relations career until I went to the city that day. This program gave me real working experience. It showed me so many sports career opportunities and demonstrated how women can work in this competitive male-dominated field.

Even as started at St. Bonaventure University, I was the only girl that showed up for a sports department meeting. Being the only girl who writes sports articles gives a different perspective to the St. Bonaventure journalism community. I was also the only female reporter at the men’s and women’s basketball Media Day. Basketball Media Day was a great experience because we were given the opportunity to interview the basketball teams about their thoughts on the upcoming season. I am also the only female sports writer for the public relations department at WSBU The Buzz. The public relations department enables me to enhance my writing about sports from a female perspective. Even though it is male-dominated, women have made a big impact in the sports field. I am very excited to see where sports will lead me!


– Keara Donnelly



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