An ode to fall

For a lot of people, fall is the best time of the year for many different reasons. People like the colors, the weather, the pumpkin spice everything, but for me, I really like the appearance of nature during the season as well as the overall atmosphere.Nature Walk - Oct. 2017 (31)

Walking and appreciating nature has always been one of my favorite things to do, so when the weather is chilly enough for a sweater and boots or the leaves start to change to bright colors, I take out my camera and try to capture some of my favorite scenes that I think embody what fall is for me.

Fall for me is more of a feeling than anything else and tends to be my feel-good season. I find myself much happier, as I enjoy the surroundings more during fall months than in any other season.

Nature Walk - Oct. 2017 (26)

The colors are beautiful and the weather is almost perfect. It rains sometimes and gets a little cold, but for me, it is perfect. The cold air is perfect for sweaters, scarves andboots, and is also great for warm apple cider and taking a walk with friends to view the scenery.

Nature Walk - Oct. 2017 (19)

St. Bonaventure is a new place for me, so it’s nice to walk around on the trail a few times and take pictures of the nature surrounding campus since it is much different from home. There are more trees here and the colors are much more vivid than what I am used to.


– Ashley Gallagher

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