A preview of nothing,nowhere.’s Reaper

On Friday October 13, New England alternative artist nothing,nowhere. released his third and final single “Skully” off his latest album Reaper. Nothing,nowhere. combines elements of rap and emo music into each of his songs, which is a rather unexpected pairing.

“Skully” starts off with nothing,nowhere. rapping over a dismal electric guitar rift. The beat picks up for the second half of the verse, but he is very dependent on the guitar part, even though he uses it a lot less than he did in past music. The instrumentals in his new song are ones that seem very used before, especially by him. It feels as though he chose to play it safe a little more than perhaps he should have.

The chorus is one that is very catchy and rhythmic, but the lyrics are full of sorrow and despair. The song itself is a call out to his depression. In the second verse, he says “the reaper creeping slow, I know you see him when you dreaming; you posted at a party but he’s in the dark scheming,” while the chorus belts out “it’s too late for me, can’t you fucking see, I dug my own grave, let me fucking be.”


He also adds in a very strong, sing-songy bridge. The mood for it slightly changes and turns into something a little more hopeless and bitter, like he’s specifically calling someone out: “I’m sick of tryna find myself in others, I’m sick of seeking love, I’d rather suffer.”

The song itself is probably the weakest out of the three singles, relying heavily on lyrical content, but the song is still one worth a listen. Although it seems safer than previous songs, it is more produced and has a clearer identity of his sound. “Skully” fits perfectly when compared to his other recent releases. His other two singles are “Clarity in Kerosene,” which he reworked from a purely acoustic song into one that is more produced, while the second is “Hopes Up,” which features Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional.


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