Demi’s Daddy Issues?

Demi Lovato dropped her sixth studio album, Tell Me That You Love Me, near the end of September. Her first single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” is a mediocre pop anthem, only thriving off of boss women who were bored with every other mainstream song.

While there are a few good songs on the album, some of them jumped out as just plain weird. While looking over the track listing, I was shocked to see that she named a song “Daddy Issues.” Just what the world needs.

Nothing against anyone who does have “daddy issues,” but it does not seem to be a common idea for a pop song, especially one coming from Demi Lovato. Well known for her days on “Barney and Friends” and later Disney Channel, Lovato has been known as a childhood sweetheart. Even with her history with self-harm and drugs, Lovato still is somewhat tied to her roots.

She tried early in her career to get rid of her former Disney-star image through songs like “Cool for the Summer” and “Confident.” Even though these songs have become successful radio jams while shedding light on some of her past, Lovato still has enough ties to her background that make songs like “Daddy Issues” just uncomfortable.

The last thing that middle school me wants to think about is Lovato’s daddy issues, and I would be shocked if I was the only one.

The song itself is not exactly horrible; it is better than some of the recent hits released by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. It recaps the story of a girl that is addicted to the love of an emotionally unavailable man, which is not exactly an uncommon theme in college. If one ignores the chorus where she explicitly sings, “lucky for you, I’ve got all these daddy issues,” the song is reasonably listenable.

I do not want to hate this song, but reading the title makes it uncontrollable. The song has a regularly recycled beat with a somewhat edited voice that should be expected in 2017. Lovato’s voice thankfully remains strong enough to carry the disturbing lyrics of the chorus.

While I hope this song never becomes one of her hot singles and gets played on the radio repeatedly, she sure gets her point across. If you have daddy issues, maybe this will be your new jam. But for me, this song might as well have never been produced.

– Natalie Forster

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