The Walking Dead Predictions

Warning: spoilers in this article.

The second episode from the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead was much more peaceful and less gory than the premiere.

Predictions for the premiere held true, as Glenn was not the only one to get “Lucille,” but Abraham as well. In episode two, we met the first “good” leader in the season, King Ezekiel, who runs the parish called the Kingdom alongside his ferocious tiger, Shiva. Out of all the other communities and “safe havens” witnessed by the show’s viewers, the Kingdom is probably the best we’ve seen so far.

Although Ezekiel seems goofy and far out with his Renaissance king act, he seems to be a good guy who cares about the community compared to other leaders we’ve seen before him.

The Kingdom is well-off and quite welcoming so far. They seem to have a decent supply of food and ammo, but most importantly, they have trained fighters. There is no naïve innocence in this community like there was in Alexandria. Overall, the Kingdom is what Alexandria could have been if it was under the control of a good leader who didn’t hide the real world from its inhabitants.

However, it’s a concern that our well-intentioned group of heroes will ruin the Kingdom. Everywhere the group goes, chaos seems to follow. Although it’s just Morgan and Carol residing in the Kingdom now, I am sure that is bound to change.

It’s a shame the group had to stumble upon Jesus and Hilltop, where yet another leader rules like a dictator, instead of coming across someone from the Kingdom. Although the Kingdom is still one of Negan’s hotspots, things for Rick and the group would’ve turned out differently if they resided in the Kingdom instead of Hilltop.

King Ezekiel pays tribute to Negan in a subtly sly and cruel way. In the recent episode, he gives Negan’s men large pigs that have been feeding off zombie flesh.

Ezekiel keeps his Kingdom at peace by choosing not to go to war with Negan and doing his exchanges with him in private, instead of having Negan’s men come to the Kingdom. I fear, though, that once Rick’s group lays on eyes on the Kingdom, they will be even more willing to try taking Negan down again, and by doing so, taking the Kingdom down in the process.

Time will only tell the outcome of the Kingdom and how King Ezekiel’s leadership will hold up.


— Amber Canbek

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