AHS takes on Roanoke the Lost Colony

The premier of the sixth season of American Horror Story was not the best of what the show has offered viewers in the past. There were a few jump scares, but nothing too terrifying.

Besides the themes of race and history, there was one certain thing that kept viewers coming back for more with the second episode, and that was the slight confusion the first episode doled out. Basically, no one really knew what the heck was going on.

“Chapter 1” was the first part of the TV show “My Roanoke Nightmare.” It seems that the show’s director, Ryan Murphy, has created a TV show inside of a TV show with this season.

The non-fiction series presents a supernatural mystery with interviews from survivors and reenactments. The two main characters Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Shelby (Sarah Paulson) are an interracial couple in the Southern United States who decide to buy a new home as a way to start over after a mugging (which injured Matt) and Shelby’s miscarriage.

In the first episode, Shelby was the only one to experience any haunting, but they soon spread further in the second episode to Matt and his police officer sister, Lee (Angela Bassett), after they called for her help.

The actors listed up to this point are the ones who play the characters in the reenactments whereas different actors such as Lily Rabe, Andre Holland and Adina Porter play the real-life people.

Within the second episode we caught glimpses of AHS returners Kathy Bates and Wes Bentley, but so far we don’t know who they are.

It seems “Roanoke Nightmare” has something to do with the mystery of the Lost Colony, a story about colonist residents disappearing from the island without a trace in 1587. This is a reference to real life events and can be seen as alluding to season one, when the character of Billie Dean Howard, played by Paulson, tells the story of the lost colonists and the power of the word “Croatoan” to ward off the ghosts of the colonists.

This was not the only allusion to previous seasons though, as the mysterious Pig Man came up again in footage Matt and Sarah found in their basement. So far, this season is quite similar to season one with the only differences so far being a new house and troubled family.

The first episode didn’t seem too great, but it was the fan speculation on Twitter and Instagram that made me come back for the second episode shown on Wednesday.

The use of mystery at first turned me off, but now the mystery has brought me, and many others, back.

by Amber Canbek

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