Wilco Schmilco Review

Wilco brings out a change of music style on Schmilco.

The album serves as the tenth from the band. Jeff Tweedy first mentioned the album in an interview in February of 2016, but didn’t really give much detail as to what was going on. Tweedy did some benefit shows in Chicago that May, and said that they had completed the album, but didn’t know when it was going to be released.

“Locator” is one of the few songs on the album to carry the same sound as their previous album, Star Wars. As one of the shorter songs on the album at just over two minutes, it is full of edgy guitars and really captured what Star Wars is about.

“Someone to Lose” relies more on the guitar than other featured instruments. The guitars are bouncy and full of a lighthearted sound until about midway through the song, where a rougher electric guitar comes in and backs up Tweedy’s gentle vocals.

“Normal American Kids” echoes a flashback in Tweedy’s life. A folksy tune mixed with some Americana, the song depicts that he wanted to be painted in a different light from the “Normal American Kids” in the song. He even references that he hates them when he sings, “Always hated those normal American kids.”

Wilco’s Schmilco sound yields subdued tunes different from previous albums. Last year’s Star Wars was powerful with some gruff, but this project may lead Wilco into a new age with soft tunes and a twinge of folk. It sounds as if the album just kicks back and relaxes as the band progresses onward into a new age.

by Sean Lynch

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