City Lights: Back to Pop-Punk Basics

When you hear the term pop-punk, you either think “what does that even mean?” or you think of bands like blink-182, All Time Low or Sum 41. But sadly, you never think City Lights.

City Lights is one of the most underappreciated bands of the genre. Their sound defines pop-punk, yet they continually fly under the radar. Most bands just call it quits if they don’t make it big. However, City Lights is still making music…sort of.

On Friday, Sept. 9, the band released a new self-titled EP, which is interesting since they aren’t technically a band right now (core member and vocalist Oshie Bichar is currently the bassist of the band Beartooth).

The EP consists of six songs that are pop-punk gold, reminiscent of the genre in the late 90s and early 2000s. The tracks are catchy and showcase a wide range for a pop-punk band. From the fast-paced “The Best Decision” to the acoustic and thoughtful “Learn to Say Goodbye,” the album has something for every type of music fan to listen to.

The lead single from the album,”Strangers,” starts off heavier than the typical City Lights song, but transitions into a softer, catchy chorus. It is a solid song to structure the album around, balancing between pop and punk, perfectly defining the genre.

There’s no telling whether this activity from the band is a sign for a possible upcoming reunion and tour or not. Chances are probably not, but, either way, City Lights EP is a good listen and definitely one to check out right away.

by Ryan Horan 

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