Dolly Parton – Here She Comes Again

Here she comes again. Despite her signature sparkles and fervent vocals, Dolly Parton explained the Pure & Simple approach to her upcoming North American tour earlier this week.

On Monday, March 7, Parton took to Twitter and her official website, teasing the release of her new double-disk record – a clear affirmation that age won’t be keeping the 70-year-old singer from the spotlight anytime soon.

Parton’s latest installment will include a new LP, Pure & Simple, featuring her latest efforts, along with a record titled Dolly’s Biggest Hits. The second disk intentionally serves as both a tribute to the singer-songwriter’s older works and provides endless set-list opportunities for the tour.

Known for her effervescent personality and larger-than-life looks to match, the “Jolene” singer said that the tour, named after the upcoming album, will be hitting over 60 cities in the United States and Canada, making this her first headliner in 25 years.

According to Rolling Stone, Parton gave fans a verbal sneak peak of the tour in a Monday press event, saying that the show will be focused on her vocal talent and connection with the audience.  While Parton said she’ll be taking a conservative approach to the shows, sparing elaborate technology typical of large-scale productions, her bedazzled garb and comedic personality will likely provide enough vivacity to fill packed arenas.

“We don’t have a lot of electric instruments,” Parton said in the Monday press event. “We don’t have a lot of video; we don’t have any, really. In the bigger places where we play we’ll have to have some video cameras, where you’ll see me—because I’m so little. But actually, I’m doing a lot of songs really scaled-down…but, of course, I do a lot of talkin’. What else would I do, right?”

Although the Tennessee native hasn’t released an official set-list for the tour yet, she’ll presumably be reviving old classics, such as her iconic, 1980 single “9 to 5” and 1974 hit “Coat of Many Colors.” Needless to say, some updated renditions and new content will likely be thrown in along the way.

Having stormed the 2014 Glastonbury Festival, sporting a rhinestone-covered, western pantsuit, and reveled in the success of her NBC television special, Parton seems to be preparing herself to greet Pure & Simple stages with bountiful energy and enthusiasm.

“Dolly’s Coat of Many Colors,” which is set for DVD release on May 3, managed a record 15.8+ million viewers, making it the most watched movie on network television in more than three years.

The movie narrates Parton’s childhood, giving an intimate look into the Country Music Hall of Famer’s unfortunate adolescent experiences, channeled into creative inspiration.

Given Parton’s expedited professional endeavors over the past few years, it’s safe to say she’ll be delivering her old vocal energy, fueled by recent attainments, to the tour.

According to Parton’s official website, the double-disk’s official track list and tour dates will be announced soon.

Liam McGurl

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