Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold” Music Video Leaves us with Chills

Demi Lovato’s power ballad “Stone Cold” and its frostbitten music video have left us all with goose bumps, and not just because of the video’s arctic feel.

The fifth track off the 23-year-old singer’s fifth studio album Confident is arguably Lovato’s most vocally impressive track to date. Featuring cinematic breaks in emotion-heavy lyrics, wedged between her signature upper belts, “Stone Cold” seems like the forceful older sister to the 2011 hit “Skyscraper.”

Typical of Lovato, the track focuses on heartbreak exposed in its most vulnerable form.  Opening with the unsettling words, “Stone cold, stone cold/You see me standing, but I’m dying on the floor,” the singer’s voice cracks between notes, providing a sound as raw and honest as the track’s lyrics.

With the build-up to each chorus, Lovato’s powerful sound rises in volume, caliber and impact and in turn, conjures tears from listeners’ eyes.

As if the track wasn’t hard-hitting enough, its music video, shot in Park City, Utah, serves up a freezing cold feeling, despite the undeniably stirring flame Lovato’s vocals spark in listeners.

Featuring shots of Lovato climbing—and occasionally falling—on a picturesque, snowy peak, it was clear she wanted her love-based struggle to shine through in the accompanying music video.

Sporting a minimalistic cross tattoo on her hand, often covering her face during seemingly realistic crying scenes, the Dallas native is also shown lying fully clothed in a bathtub.

From the “Really Don’t Care” singer’s tear-smudged mascara to her vulnerable eye contact, Lovato reaches through the screen at viewers, likely making a relatable connection with a number of fans.  It’s something that’s trademarked her.  She uses her personal, broken-down walls for a humble beginning to each track. She uses her voice to rebuild what was once destroyed.  Albeit a sort of free therapy, her music’s candidly unflattering nature ensures its success.

According to Lovato, the song’s video was one of the most difficult ones to film, given the location’s freezing temperatures and the lyrics of the track, which she wrote.

“One, because emotionally it’s difficult, but two, at one point, I’m in the snow and it’s up to my waist—that’s literally how deep the snow was—so when you have like three pairs of leggings and you’re in the snow, and it’s not snow pants, I wrung my pants afterwards,” she told ET’s Samantha Harris. “It was just soaking wet because I had been in the snow for so long.”

All Lovato’s production-based roadblocks were well worth her persistence though, as she’s already stepped under the most coveted spotlights to promote “Stone Cold,” and all the eclectic sounds of Confident.  She performed the breakup anthem at the annual Billboard Women in Music event, as well as The Ellen Degeneres Show and Saturday Night Live.

While Lovato’s icy video has managed nearly 1.5 million views within the first 24 hours of its release, its likely Confident will carry the singer-songwriter to a new echelon within her career.

Liam McGurl


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