Sia Captures Human Emotion in Her Newest Album This is Acting

Sia has accomplished an almost incomparable amount of variety in the past 20 years, and This Is Acting is no exception.

After spending years in the background of the music industry, 40-year-old Australian sensation Sia Furler is finally enjoying some well-deserved respect as a global pop-superstar. Her 2014 album 1000 Forms of Fear turned the unknown singer-songwriter into a household name. With hits like “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” viewers were instantly hooked on Sia’s haunting voice and moving lyrics.

If 1000 Forms of Fear turned Sia into a pop success, This Is Acting turned her into a legacy. Her lengthy career in the music industry sets the stage for both her immense variety and her well-rounded knowledge. Over the past two decades, Sia has participated in almost every act of the music making process. As a songwriter, she has written for stars like Britney Spears, Rihanna and Beyoncé. Her knowledge of the music industry has helped her to create an album that shines both in vocals and artistic background.

In a feat nothing short of outstanding, almost every song on the album is so powerful that they could have received radio attention as a single. Songs like “Alive” and “Broken Glass” compare in emotional brevity and lyrical distinction to the vocals of the greats like Whitney Houston. Other pieces stand out for their construction and emphasis on instrumental variation like the Kanye West produced “Reaper”.

Despite almost every track off the album being rejected by other artists, it is hardly a collection of slapdash material. Each piece has an obvious flair of ingenuity and individualism. The album gives an emotional insight into Sia’s newfound notoriety. From writing for superstars to becoming a superstar, Sia seems to capture every possible human emotion in her unparalleled vocals.

There is not a single syllable of bland material on This Is Acting. In an astonishingly quick transition, Sia has gone from writing for the mainstream to becoming the mainstream.

Christina Root

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