One Direction breaks up with fans with their latest album


So any time I’m gone, you can listen to my voice and sing along,”  sings Niall Horan in One Direction’s most sensitive song, “I Want to Write You a Song.”

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Like many, I was extremely heartbroken when 1D announced that they were going on a ‘break’ after their release of their fifth album, Made in the A.M. After being a fan since their debut (and also the future wife of Harry Styles) I had enormous hopes that this album was going to be one of their best albums. I am so happy to say I was wrong and admit that is was by far their BEST album out of the four.

Stirring up a little heat on the charts, Justin Bieber also released his album “Purpose” the same day 1D released their album, but it looks like the boyband might have to take a win for this. Though Bieber’s album features really big names like Big Sean, Travis $cott and Halsey, 1D just hits those feels with their new sound that’s far away from pop.

Not only did these boys drive away from their usual genre, pop, but they managed to set up a whole to vibe to their original sound. It is safe to say that they’ve made quite an improvement from their first album What Makes You Beautiful.

This whole album, as much as it kills me to say, was 1D’s parting gift to their devoted fans. Their singles, “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect” were pretty much the only two songs that stayed within the genre of pop. However, songs like “Hey Angel,” which has a melody similar to ‘Bittersweet Symphony,” and “What a Feeling” give off a Fleetwood Mac vibe and showcase how their style has changed.

The rest of the album includes emotional ballads such as “History,” “Love You Goodbye,” “If I Could Fly,” and “A.M.” highlighting the angelic voices of Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry. If this actually is their final album then this was probably the best way to leave the fans.

So, thank you One Direction, for always giving me a song for almost every feeling and hopefully we’ll get a chance to listen to album number six!


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