T. Swift connects with fans on 1989 World Tour

The crowd lit up, literally. At each concert in Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour every audience member receives a light-up bracelet. Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be one of those audience members. Although the light-up bracelets have been done before, Taylor (yes, we’re on a first-name basis) did it differently. Rather than the bracelets lighting up for one song or a few choruses, they changed colors throughout every song based on the rhythm. Taylor explained that the 1989 World Tour has been more rewarding than any of her previous tours because she was able to see every single fan. Last Friday that meant all 50 thousand people in the stands at the Roger’s Centre in Toronto.

Photo by  Jackie Roberts
Photo by Jackie Roberts

As a four-time Taylor concert goer, I must say the 1989 tour was a completely different experience. Although each time I’ve seen her I’ve left in awe at how poised and moving her shows are, this one really was a “rebirth.”

Taylor played almost every song from the 1989 album, but she also played several songs from her previous albums. One of my personal favorites was “Love Story,” a 2008 single from her Fearless album. The last time I saw this song live, Taylor wore a ball gown and floated around the crowd in a flower-lined carriage. This time, however, she rocked a leather crop top and skirt. Like almost all of the songs she brought back in the 1989 tour, “Love Story” had a new edge and more bass.

If you’ve followed the 1989 tour at all, you’ve probably noticed that at each show Taylor brings out another huge name in the industry. While the week before Nelly joined her on stage, when I saw Taylor she was accompanied by Keith Urban, who she opened for at the beginning of her career.

Photo by Jackie Roberts
Photo by Jackie Roberts

Many fans in the audience looked slightly disappointed, surprisingly. However, given I fell in love with Taylor during her country years, I found the duo to be very refreshing. Although she has been an extreme success in pop, it grew abundantly clear that she still loves country music. The genuine happiness on her face should’ve touched very fan fortunate enough to witness the performance.

My last remark on the show, and every other Taylor show, is to compliment her for her undeniable ability to connect with the fans. A two-hour set isn’t nearly long enough to fit all of Taylor’s best songs, but somehow she managed to squeeze in a heart-to-heart with everyone in the audience. Taylor talked about falling in love and never regretting trusting another person, a sentiment I’ve thought about since leaving Toronto that night.

Record sales can prove that Taylor is an incredible artist. Nonetheless, besides her talent for writing, singing and performing, what makes each concert so spectacular is her love of the crowd. The 1989 World Tour only has a few more concerts left, so I’d advise any fan to scrounge up their savings and buy a ticket.

– Jackie Roberts

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