Selena Gomez’s “Revival”

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On Friday October 9th, Selena Gomez released her new album, Revival, with a new sound to showcase.  No longer tied to her younger pop or Disney roots, Revival shows Gomez’s more mature image and the artist that she wants to be known as today.  Gomez takes writing credit on almost every song, giving her songs much more personal meaning and showing signs of her maturation over the years.  Her varying sounds with each different song come together nicely to illustrate her talent and image.

The song with the same title as the album, “Revival,” starts off the album with a much different sound and message.  The word “revival” has many meanings in the song, from the revival of her image to her own self-restoring revival.  A strong track to start the album, it will draw you in to want to hear more.

Her first single from the album, “Good For You,” is quite possibly the most recognizable song on the album.  With a sultrier, R&B sound, this first single demonstrates her new image and sound while being popular and catchy at the same time.  If you listen to this on the radio in the car, you may just find yourself singing the chorus for the rest of the day.

A more recent single, “Me & The Rhythm,” is a more pop-like song, but it still brings a melody that you can’t help but bob your head to. This song lets Gomez show off vocally more than others like “Good For You.”

A song holding a little more meaning, “Same Old Love” is a break-up song showing how even though she’s upset about a heartbreak, she’s gotten over that “same old love.”  In this track, you can hear the meaning and understanding behind Gomez’s lyrics through her voice.

A slower ballad, “Camouflage” shows extreme emotion and sadness over a split, and Gomez’s voice again backs her meaningful lyrics as she shows her feelings through song.

Selena Gomez has come a long way since her Disney days, and has matured exponentially with her music and songwriting. Revival is a good recommendation if you’re looking for new R&B songs with emotion and power behind them. And, the occasional dance number.

– Sarah Garraffo

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