Band on the rise: Made Violent

I first saw Made Violent when they opened for Matt & Kim at Canalside and instantly fell in love with their sound. Plus the fact that Joseph White crowd surfed and cracked open a PBR on stage made this band a new favorite of mine. They got the crowd pumped up for the rest of the night and were the perfect way to open a show.

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Made Violent is an American rock band from our very own Buffalo, NY that credits The Rolling Stones, Nirvana and anything “guitar related,” as their musical influences.

“Our music is influenced by everyday things and we pull from the past events for songs,” said White, Rob Romano and Justin Acee. “Sometimes we could just be telling a good story or theme we’ve thought up.

The Buffalo boys even find inspiration in their hometown.

“Buffalo is a blue collar city and you can always notice that the best music comes from these kinds of places,” said the group. “There’s just a certain quality of life that always permeates the music. At the same time that you want your music to escape, you always love to come back to it.”

However, the band has been far from Buffalo for the past couple of months. They recently finished up an international tour with Wolf Alice and Drenge this fall. They are back to the states for their U.S. tour which will be starting this month.

“We cannot reiterate how blessed we are to be on this tour,” they said. “The greatest crew of people you could ever come across and the shows have been absolutely massive.”

This is such a talented group that have worked their asses off to get where they are today. They recently signed with Startime International, which is an imprint of Columbia Records in New York City, and they have a lot planned for the coming months.

“We’re doing our first full length record once we finish this tour, and we are so damn excited,” the band said. “It’s going to be massive.”

Sarah Negron

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