Will the Buffalo Bills have a chance at the playoffs this year?

Coming into this year’s 2015-16 NFL season, there was a lot of hype around the Buffalo Bills after the acquisitions of LeSean McCoy, Charles Clay, Percy Harvin, and Tyrod Taylor. It’s safe to say the Bills lived up to all this hype and then some after week one’s win against the Indianapolis Colts. The Bills posted an extremely impressive 27-14 win over Indianapolis that saw Buffalo jump out to an initial 24-0 lead. The Bills have a history of impressive season openers that then follow a stretch of disappointing games. That being said, we must ask, how good are this year’s Buffalo Bills?

The answer is very good, if not serious contenders. This win was a huge statement for the Bills, mostly because of who their opponent was. The Indianapolis Colts went to last year’s AFC Championship game, and they’re undeniably one of the league’s top contenders to win the Super Bowl, so it’s hard to knock the legitimacy of this win.

When looking at this Bills team, I can realistically say that they are capable of winning 11-12 games this season. This team has improved tremendously from last year’s 9-7 Bills, so I don’t see any reason as to why this team can’t post 2-3 more wins. Being that I believe this team will win 11-12 games this year, the answer is yes, the Buffalo Bills will make the playoffs this year.

Ralph Wilson stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills
Image courtesy of syracuse.com.

Even though it’s way too early to talk Super Bowl potential after week one, we have to talk about it being that this team should make the playoffs. We should get a better idea about how legit this team really is after today’s game against the New England Patriots.

But if the Bills are able to get over the playoff hump this year, they do have the skill to compete with any team they’re matched up against. This is not me saying that the Bills will make a run to Super Bowl 50, but I do believe this team is good enough to play with any team in the league. And hey, you never know.

-Ethan MacKrell 

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