The Sidewalk is the Runway: A Run-down of NYFW Street Style and How You Can Get the Looks

Ever want to be that fashionable girl you see walking down the street?

Here’s a recap of New York Fashion Week’s top street style trends and some tips on how you can add the pieces to your own wardrobe.

  1. Big Coats 

The popular trend this year on the street is the oversized long coat. This staple piece can be easily layered with simple basics.

Image courtesy of

     2. Jeans 

One of the most seen jeans on the street for this year’s fashion week was both dark-wash and flares. As seen in this picture, Sasha Luss is wearing dark-wash skinny jeans to compliment her height.

Image courtesy of

3. Scarves

Scarves are the perfect accessory to almost every outfit and are a must for fall this year. It gives an extra flare to any outfit.

Image courtesy of Mark Iantosca via

4. Accessories 

Everyone loves good accessories, and this fall you can expect to see combat boots and handbags.

Image courtesy of Tyler Joe via


How You Can Get the Look 

We can always use a revamp to our wardrobes, but it’s hard to spend the money. Here are some options that any college student can buy without breaking the bank.

  1. American Eagle Artist Jeans 

American Eagle Artist Jeans, $39.95
Image courtesy of

2. Genuine Suede Fringe Jacket 

Genuine Suede Fringe Jacket, $54.90
Image courtesy of

3. Large Double-Zip Crossbody Bag 

Large Double-Zip Crossbody Bag, $25
Image courtesy of


-Shannon Nichols 



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