“Simpsonrama” brings about nostalgia for cancelled “Futurama”

Good news everyone! This week’s episode of The Simpsons, entitled “Simpsonrama,” saw Matt Groening’s beloved sci-fi animated misfits of Futurama meet the denizens of Springfield, to hilarious results. The crossover is a love letter to Futurama fans, the rabid fan base who had to recently go through a second cancellation over at Comedy Central won’t have much to complain about. However, it lacks in plot and motivation. While the character interactions are great and there are countless one-liners, it seems tacked on compared to some of the great story arcs that Futurama has produced.

The first part of the crossover was light on Futurama characters, only introducing Bender after some initial banter between The Simpsons characters. Bender fit right in in Springfield, and Homer instantly loved him; their bro-mance actually served as one of the more touching aspects of the episode. Bart and Homer finding Bender in the basement was amusing as well, with Homer brainstorming how to see who’s down there.

“We’ll have to set a trap, Bait…I mean Bart,” Homer quipped.

But the real hilarity came when Bender and Homer began bonding, going to Moe’s and meeting the guys and then even going bowling together.

When the rest of the Futurama crew is introduced, the crossover really begins to hit its stride. The interactions with Fry, Leela and Bender at the Simpson’s house were endlessly quotable, especially a particular conversation between Marge and Leela about Epcot. Professor Farnsworth and Professor Frink were paired together, which felt a little forced just to put Frink in because of his similarities to Farnsworth. Thankfully Lisa was there to provide endless questions for the time-traveling professor.

The Simpsons family eventually going to the Futurama universe seemed like a great premise, but unfortunately the time restraints of the half-hour episode made it feel all too brief, with major characters like Zoidberg and Hermes only getting a couple lines each. The plot itself was also pretty thin and just served as a way for the characters to meet and interact, which thankfully saved the episode from its boring plot. Futurama Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the episode didn’t hurt, either. Overall, the crossover did a lot more right than wrong. The initial couch gag with Homer and Hedonism Bot was great fan service, and the end credit mashup of Futurama’s opening theme—complete with Simpsons characters filled me with nostalgia for the cancelled Futurama.

Watch the couch gag above. 

-Justin Peterson, staff writer

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