The Second Royal Baby is On its Way!

Announced on September 8, 2014 via the royal Twitter, Kate Middleton is confirmed to be pregnant. This will be the second child for Prince William and Duchess Kate, who had their first child, George in July of last year. Kate had been rumored to be pregnant since late Dec., sparked by the cover of Star Magazine promoting that Kate was already expecting a baby sister for young Prince George.

The royal couple’s firstborn George turned one year old this past July.
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When Kate was pregnant with Prince George, she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, otherwise known as severe morning sickness, throughout her entire pregnancy. The severe morning sickness lead to her hospitalization in King Edward VII’s hospital. Now during her second pregnancy, she’s experiencing the same symptoms. Morning sickness is quite common for women during pregnancy, this condition causes women to become excessively sick several times a day, resulting in weight loss and dehydration. This time around, Kate is being treated at Kensington Palace by the surgeon gynecologist to the Queen.

The impressive Kensington Palace is where Kate is being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum.
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Kate’s pregnancy news was only revealed to the couple very recently; it’s reported that Kate is close to eight weeks pregnant. The couple had originally planned not to release the information due to the fact that it’s still before the twelve-week mark. But with careful consideration, they decided to release the news of Kate’s pregnancy. The betting has already started on the gender of the baby and of course what the name will be, but all we can expect is the amazing maternity style of Kate Middleton.

-Marissa McCall, staff writer 

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